Camaronazo® is a unique, FIRST of its kind shrimp-tomato juice cocktail that is currently offered in 3 sizes - 64oz, 32oz and 16.1 oz - and two flavors - regular and spicy. The beverage caters to our consumer’s taste for shrimp (“Camaron”).

Exceptionally easy to drink with an inviting aroma, crisp, smooth and refreshing taste, Camaronazo can be enjoyed by itself or used as a food base compliment for many Hispanic dishes. Camaronazo can also be served as a great combination drink mixed with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

There are many tomato juice-clam cocktails in the market but Camaronazo is the First shrimp-tomato juice cocktail in the US and Mexico.

Camaronazo is growing rapidly and becoming a market-leading brand especially among Hispanic consumers.

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